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I love paper and dice RPG's. It's a lot like writing a story - and I love writing (even iof I'm not so good at it).

I first got into RPG's when I was 15. I had just started high school and the only friend I had in that was the same garde (most of my friends were a grade behind) had started playing Rifts with a group of (extremely nerdy) nerds. I was feeling really left out because this guy was one of my closest friends at the time. So I walked in and asked to sit in a few games. I became VERY interested VERY fast and asked to create a character.

Being a little over ambitious (and not very experienced) I ended up picking a highly advanced race/character class. My first roleplaying character was a Phantom from the Phase World books. Suffice to say I was not especially good at it. What mattered was that I was having fun. Unfortunately most of the guys playing were in 12th grade and graduated that year. I unsuccessfully tried to continue the game with my friends who were a year behind me.

I ended up dating one of the GM's from when I started playing. Somehow we ended up with a group I had met at an art camp and were playing Vampire the Masquerade (which I loved, but the game only lasted one night). That's one I would love to go back to sometime.

I created a character for D&D but never did get to play it.

Currently I am playing Shadowrun with a group of people. They're all pretty awesome even if one or two of them don't take it quite seriously enough to keep the game moving at a reasonable pace. I play a sprawl ganger. I figured it'd be a better choice for a first time character than say a phantom in Rifts.

I also play RPG video games ( mostly just Final Fantasy).

I'd love to get more into paper and dice.

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It's very difficult to find face-to-face pla<x>yers with schedules that can be made to work for an extended campaign. The modern world is too d*** busy.<br />
<br />
Even raising my children to play hasn't worked. :P (Although my college age son did manage to get in a one-shot Traveller game this semester...)

Ahh, I miss paper and dice so much. And it saddens me that most people hear "RPG" and jump straight to the idea of video games!<br />
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I'm a Shadowrun girl at heart!

Yup, me too. In fact, thats why i joined you here. Rifters are a relatively small group that are the best humanity has to offer ;P<br />
YAY you!

Me too. Real life is just so boring most of the time, going to a fantasy world where anything is possible is a nice change.