Caitlyn Becomes Faye

There is one reason I really love derby. I am typically a quiet, shy, non-competitive, non-athletic young lady. I have never been good at any sports and I have never been interested in any sports. I have always had a knack for roller skating, and my lower body strength is pretty good, so I am naturally a pretty good roller girl. This is a first for me, because I have never been one of the bests in anything athletic before. I become a whole different person when I become Faye Tality, I am confident and competitive and I am strong. I like the feeling of elitism, and I love when I get praised. At my first bout, someone shouted "Faye, call me when you are 18". If I was playing basketball or something I would have awkwardly blushed and stumbled away. Instead I winked and waved towards the crowd and got some cheers. Roller derby is probably the most empowering sport you can play. I think for that reason, it is the best sport you can play.
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22-25, F
1 Response Mar 4, 2012

Awesome story! You become a persona when you play. That is a great way to let loose.