Derby Is Life

I'm 40+ years old and started playing derby last year.  Before that, my athleticism had been centered around the solitary sport of running.  I have never worked so hard or had so much fun in my life as I have playing derby.  Our league is fantastic - a very supportive group with little drama (at least so far).  Skaters of all abilities are welcomed and encouraged, so everyone gets an equal chance to work their ***** off and improve.  Because of my age, I have to work harder to make the same progress as other (younger) skaters, but our coaches are great at helping us pinpoint the areas we need to work on.  What I lack in youth, I am finding that I can make up for in muscle, sweat, and dedication.  I made it through team tryouts and actually earned a place on the roster for bouting season (yeah!).  Derby forces you to channel your aggression and unleashes parts of you that you never knew existed -- all of that carries over and empowers you in your daily life in the most awesome way... Derby rocks!   
drdoll drdoll
1 Response Mar 17, 2012

I hope your still playing