I Used To Play It.

I've completely quit now(I don't even get on for holiday events), but I used to play Runescape a bit too much.

My first account was made in late 2005 and overall I made quite a few different accounts, most of which never reached that high of a level. However, on my main account I got to be around level 115 and all my stats were over level 70 with three at 99, if that gives you an idea of how much I played.

Despite how much time I put into the game, however, I highly doubt I'll ever play it again. I quit the game because all my friends stopped playing and I stopped having fun after they were gone. The game just got boring and I have better ways to pass my time now.
tjlkitty tjlkitty
26-30, M
1 Response May 18, 2012

can i have your account???