Gimme A Saxophone And Ill Play It All Day Long

I started playing Tenor Sax as a 12 yr old kid. I apparently found my nitch with it quickly because it kinda just came natural to me. I was able to study with one of the top teachers in the midwest . I was a favorite of my Jr High band director cause as an 8th grader I was the only one in jazz band who could accurately improvise a solo. I went on to play some Bari in H S and was voted the best Bari player in the city my Jr year. I went to state a number of times ....and despite a life long issue with my eyesight went to college as a Saxophone/reed major. I was able to the chance to play Bass Sax in college, which was AMAZINGLY cool. I didnt finish college but I have continued playing Sax, flute and some clarinet and am involved in music both as the worship leader for my church and working for a local music store. I have given some lessons....but never too many for too long. I have a Soprano that is a blast and for those who know about them....I own a Selmer Mark VII from about 1977. Anyhow.....Once a sax player......always a sax player
51-55, M
1 Response Jan 7, 2013

Daddy got my younger sis a soprano sax as a birthday gift and she is yet to learn how to play it. :)