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I just started playing second Life and I think I need some help is anyone willing?

DeadlyInnocence DeadlyInnocence 18-21, F 8 Responses Jan 8, 2009

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First off... you do realize the questions about clothing are from over three years ago, right? The people who asked are probably long gone. But someone else may still discover this thread and be interested in the answers, so we forge ahead...<br />
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An SL avatar can wear nine la<x>yers of clothing that are built in -- that is, they don't take up any "space" in the physical world. Undershirt, underpants, skirt, pants, shirt, jacket, gloves, socks, and shoes. You can create any of these out of thin air, without any special abilities or materials. Of course if that's all you do, you end up wearing a solid matte white outfit from head to toe. So you can go into the appearance editor and add colors or textures. These will repeat however often is necessary to fill the garment, unless you design/upload/buy a special texture with real-world photos mapped to exactly the right areas -- e.g., cuffs on the sleeves mapped to the wrists, zippers mapped front and center, etc. The good news is, this is all fairly simple and free or very cheap. The bad news is, you get what you pay for. System clothing has no depth, no shadows, no interaction with the surroundings. Instead a system shirt or pair of pants looks painted on.<br />
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If you want clothing that ripples in the wind, or has a variety of shapes extending out away from the body such as belts, collars, cuffs, tassels, ribbons, flaps -- for those you get into the fine art of shaping primitive (prim) components and gluing them together, AND you still have the job of mapping textures onto each component. A realistic 19th century ballgown might have hundreds of components -- 8 or 10 or even 20 or 30 or 100 individual panels of the skirt, decorations added on top of that (flowers or ribbons or whatever), each section of fabric positioned exactly right and treated with appropriate levels of response to gravity and wind so that a silk sash floats more delicately when you move than a heavy velvet skirt or whatever.<br />
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Creating an outfit like that is hard work, and can take hours or days getting every little detail just right. That's why they look so much better than the standard system clothes, and that's why the designers charge so much for them!<br />
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I always recommend Skye Qi. She puts a HUGE amount of attention into detail for vintage designs that are taken from real world patterns, and she charges a lot less than competing vintage designers.

I know how to make clothes but I dont think you would want to use the clothes i made. to put it simply first you need clothes templates or textures then you go into appearance then click one of the articles of clothing you want to make then take off what your wearing if your wearing something you didnt make then drag the template to the fabric box or click the fabric box and search for the template then if you want choose a color under fabric and press save as then name it then your done.


You just have to search (its a button on the screen) for a place to teleport to! And as for clothes.. I'm too impatient to make any, so I buy them.. <br />
It is very cool, but can be highly addictive! There are recreations of just about every major city there, zillions of stores, and you can do just about anything.. skydiving, go to a zoo.. amongst many many other "adult" choices!

It DOES look pretty cool I have to give it that. If I get laid off from work I am totally spending my life on there! Lol.

i guess the most pressing problem is that some one teleported me to a place i don't know where or how to teleport back. the other thing is making nice clothes. you guys are right about the time thing it's just something to do when i have nothing to do.

I play too. What is it you need help with?<br />
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Pricey... you are so right about the time thing.. I've been there on and off for a couple years now... I try to only go on weekends, or when there is NOTHING else needs to be done.<br />
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Now that I've found EP, I think I'll be sticking to here as well :)

Ha ha, I took a look at that thing a while ago and just walked away wondering how the hell anybody had time to go on there! I hope you get it all worked out, I think I'll just stick to EP... it's nice and simple like me!!