I Have Been Catan'ed

The whole world of "Settlers of Catan" is new to me.  It was brought up in conversation a few times by one of my friends.  But to be fair to the dramatic build up to this story... this friend was a relatively new friend when he first mentioned it.  You know how it is when you meet new people.  Sure it's cool, but you know... everyone has something a little bit weird or quirky.  Everyone's got their "issue."

  Based upon the zealousness that this guy was telling me and some others about this game, this might be his.  That moment when you say in your head... "Yeah, you're cool but RED LIGHT!  Danger, Will Robinson."   Well a few days go by and the infamous CATAN came back up again and, to be completely honest, I was bored so I caved and said let's play.   Now, it's a this moment that I need to pause.  I would like to say - for the record - that when you cave in to something for whatever reason... it rarely ends well.  This is how tequila shots end up happening.  This is how you end up at Bed, Bath and Beyond pushing the cart around aisles too small to contain them and are pressured into deciding between two shades of biege for your new guest bath towels.  The point... caving rarely works in your favor.   That said.  There are moments when it does.  These moments... they are like UNICORNS.  Rare, almost mythical... but they do exist.   CATAN is one of these things.  We played on Monday for like 5 hours.  We ordered pizza and I almost didn't eat because that was interfering with my game play.  Since then... CATAN  has been a part of almost every conversation I have had with this group of friends.  We have bought expansion packs (OK... I bought an expansion pack).   It is addictive and I LOVE IT.  I can't help myself.   I particularly like when you get the point where everyone knows how to play so you can jack the board up and that way although you are playing against each other because when it comes to winners, its a bit like HIGHLANDER, there can be only one!  But, you feel like you are all in it together.   Sheep. Wheat. Stone. Brick. Wood.   I love these words now.  I hate SEVENS and believe they should die.  That damn Robber is the bane of my existence.  But remember... basic rule of robbing (yes, I apply the Roberts Rules of Order for Parliamentary Procedure to CATAN)... you take from whichever player has the most cards.  Very Robin Hood like.   I could go on... but at this point let me just say... if you play.  You are my friend.  If you have not played... you should... then we can be friends!

EPjake EPjake
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3 Responses Feb 19, 2009

I've been wanting to try this kind of game for awhile; great piece and I think i've become convinced that i need to buy it!!!

I love Settlers...my friends and I are serious geeks...magic, D&D, Settlers and Munchkin Cthulu...Another GREAT Game...

thanks-sounds like fun!