I Like Creating, and Cities Are No Exception.

It's easy to get caught up in this game because not only are you creating a city, but you have to maintain the city and balance the budget. I always seem to end up going in the negative and have never won a game yet. I just keep starting over with new cities. My favorite thing is to add parks, landmarks, highways, seaports, and beaches. I love connecting city to city. I want to learn how to make a waterfall. Is that possible?

I sometimes play too long because I have obcessive compulsive traits and its difficult to let go. I play about 3-9 hours a week. That and websurfing is about the only non-productive thing I do. I'm hoping it will make me better in my own finances.

hiddenbutterfli hiddenbutterfli
36-40, F
1 Response Jun 12, 2007

Well, the only way to know is to go out there into the big world and see if a pathetic game will help you in the long run! In real life? Wow.