Third Singles

I played for my team in high school. I was really good at it. In less that one year I by passed so many people on the team and went from third doubles (the last of the players) to third singles (the elites lol). I was really happy and I love playing it because I thnk of it as a "civilized person's sport". lol I'm just kidding. It got pretty intense. I remember one time I had to play a whole set with a charlie horse in my calf, a bleeding toe nail, and an aching ankle (I twisted it a bit)! I won so it was worth it! What made the sport even funner for me was that we had a very diverse team of people who absolutely adored each other! We were so friendly and supportive. We even were supportive of the opponents. It was funny because sometimes my opponent would get thrown off my compliments every time they served. "Nice serve! Lots of power!" and then I'd hit it back and sometimes they'd miss it and I'd say, "You almost had it!" They'd get mad but I was just being friendly. Omg I miss playing like that!

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Aug 7, 2010