My Tennis Life

I am currently 18 and I am going to be a senior in Highschool this year. I started playing tennis in 7th grade. I watched it on tv and it looked fun to me. I then played on the middle school team for 2 years and then I went to highschool. I wasn't very good in middle school. I started to take tennis lessons at Lifetime Fitness my freshmen year. In my freshmen year I was on B-squad and I played number one singles. I was our best player and I won half of my matches and lost the other half. The one's that I lost was in Tiebreakers. I still took lessons during my freshmen year. Then My sophmore year I played number one doubles. My partner and I bearly lost all of our matches. We even beat of the best teams in state in a tiebreaker. During 8th-11th grade, my highschool had a USTA tennis league. I loved it because we got play with girls. I wasn't that good until I was in my sophmore year. Then my Juinior year, I played exibition doubles on J-V. It sucked that I played exibition but I didn't quiet. My partner and I only lost 2 out of 10 matches. I am playing alot of tennis and taking more tennis lessons in the winter and I hope to make varsity. The one thing that I hate about tennis is playing in the wind. It is hard to play in. It is also hard to serve. I am usually pretty good at serving. I get alot of ace's and I don't double fault that much. One time when I was playing in a match, I was serving and we went into 7 duce's and I only double faulted once. During that match I didn't double fault. I still have lot's of things that I need to work on. I love to watch the Pros play. I will play tennis my whole life.
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Wow that is really cool. I wish I know who that guy's name is. Is driving a lomousine hard?

Thanks do you want to be friends?

Good luck with the tennis honey a great game to play and tennis pla<x>yers always look fit