I play the 5-string banjo. I picked it up the summer after my senior year of high school and LOVE it!!  It's a blast to play.  I get funny looks sometimes when I mention it, but hey--It's freakin awesome to play. SO much fun.

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And I'M the crazy one??


Lol I'll have to look

Lol kicked out of band. that's cool though you did that though! I get confused sometimes doing that, especially in the minor chords. and yeah, what's name of your CD? What style of music is it?

What did you learn on the piano Supa??

It seriously only took me a month to pick out and play a song at a decent speed. By the second month, I could pick pretty fast, and it just got faster from there. It's a blast!

Sure thing. maybe you could teach me something, too.

Wow. I'm impressed! :) Girls who play instruments blow my mind! I would love to discuss playing music with you any time!