Baritones- Why Did I Play It?

To be honest, the baritone is AWESOME! But its the sort of thing where noone plays it and as a result, people look down on you for it. I remember my 4th grade music teacher saying there were too many Trombones, and would anyone like to switch to baritone(there were none in our school band). I rose my hand and, next thing I knew, I was in 7th grade, still playing strong! Techincally I play the euphonium, but I dont care. I have become a guest teacher to the 10(yes, 10!) baritone players in the 4th and 5th grades. They are amazing, and I know that in high School Ill probably be the only girl with a Tuba, but for now, the baritone will do.

Why did I choose the Baritone? Because I wasnt big enough to carry the tuba! Why did I choose the trombone? Who knows! I played trombone on a whim and loved it, but the baritone is more fun and amazing than I could ever imagine...

097531baritones 097531baritones
Mar 15, 2009