He Looks Like Ernest Hemingway Or Santa Claus

That is what a lot of people said about my first cello teacher, "W". He taught me every Thursday afternoon for a half hour for a year and a half. I think almost two. I had so much fun! We would always laugh about something (same whenever I got to my doctor). He took my interest seriously I think partly because I showed up on time every week. He admited he wasn't the best. He was the best I could have hoped for - for me. Perhaps his successor (S) was better. I never "S",  wasn't - it's just that he (S) didn't teach the way I could learn. I never learned this to be in a quartet or a group or anything. I just like to play. I feel lucky that I had him right off because otherwise it would have been another dream crushed. I will probably write more later about this guy. I just think if people don't enjoy what they are doing then it just isn't the right thing, time, place whatever variable.
Someday, if he comes back to our area, I will take lessons with him again. I am actually thinking of driving an hour (each way) once a month or something just to have a lesson with him.
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Jul 19, 2007