First Teacher, Second Part

As I said earlier, my teacher (W) and I got along pretty well. We had a good time. As some of you know, playing the cello isn't as easy as it looks. Put your fingers here and there and slide that both left and right, up down la la la. It's not easy and you develop strong fingerpads.
But there was also this situation where I would sit in this cramped room. The two of us, our cellos, a piano, a music stand and that filled the room.
Once I came in, I'd drop my purse, put my music on the stand, sit down and try to adjust the tailpin.
Sure it looks easy. But I had problems getting in the right position. Why? Because I have big boobs.
I know it sounds silly, but when you have the neckpiece close to your left ear and these things pressing up against the cello, it sends the lower half of the cello in a funny place.
I would complain verbally to W about my big boobs. He would laugh so hard... tears... red cheeks. Both of us...
I think he said I was the second woman he knew to complain of this. It still cracked him up. He wasn't one of your stiff upper lip types oh no. He was a true Californian. Relaxed and wearing short sleeve shirts (button down) and he had a great sense of humor.
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Jul 19, 2007