My Story

I play the clarinet. However, the clarinet is not my primary instrument. I started the piano at the age of seven, however after only a short time I found that I did not enjoy it anymore, and found practising a chore. After quitting the piano, I waited a couple of years before starting the clarinet. I started the clarinet in January 2007, after receiving it for Christmas. I started out on a B13 Buffet clarinet. I discovered a teacher local to where I lived, and in June of that year I took my Grade 2 exam (ABRSM), passing with Merit. I skipped Grade 3, and flew through grade 4. I very nearly took the Grade 4 exam - but by this point - January 2008, I was at the begininning of Grade 5 standard. I took the exam and passed with distinction, and moved swiftly onwards towards my grade six, in June 2008. At this point, my teacher recommended me to buy a wooden clarinet. We bought a Buffet E13 and a B45 Mouthpiece from Vandouran (sp)?However, I did not take the Grade 6 exam as I was a higher standard that the exam pieces. Therefore, I began my grade seven pieces. I now play fluidly and fluently, and I recently performed in the local music festival, winning a trophy and earning honours, winning both of my classes.

I have been playing clarinet for just over 2 years now, and I am grade 7 standard.

Even though a career in the clarinet may not be my pathway for the future, I very much enjoy it and hope to carry on.

I'd like to hear your stories as well!


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iluvmaclarinet iluvmaclarinet
Mar 10, 2009