Bass Clarinet?

Anyone else play a bass clarinet? I  have one in addition to Bb.

Also have played Eb (soprano) but don't own one.

I like the variety

nydan61 nydan61
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1 Response Mar 12, 2009

I play the bass clarinet in the wind ensemble at my high school. I really enjoy it because of the broad range of pieces that we play plus it's fun to play along with the bassoons and low brass (I'm the only bass clarinet). Do you get certain looks from people wondering what is in that case that you're carrying? That's fun too. My real love is jazz band. That's where I play my Bp. I get a lot of solos. I had to shove my way into it because our teacher just wanted saxophones, which I can play, but I showed him that a Bp clarinet can jump, jive, and wail just as well.