Stereotype And Why I Actually Play The Flute

Am I the only one who is irritated with the stereotype in this part of the world that any male who plays the flute is AUTOMATICALLY gay? I had to deal with this stereotype for 4 years when I first started to play flute. It even got to the point that ignorant little ****** would steal my flute when I wasn't paying attention and I wouldn't see it for two or three days.

I have no personal problem with gay people. It may not be the life that I choose, it may not be what I was raised to believe but I was also taught that it is not my place to judge them. My problem is with the stereotype that exists about this instrument.

I was not the best flute player in my band, mainly because this torment caused me to not practice as much as I should have, but I was still almost constantly a high chair. I was the student who would actually play second part voluntarily when normally I should be on first so that the part would be heard. I play flute not because of any body part that it may look like, but because of the hauntingly beautiful Irish melodies I love to play. For many many years in Ireland male flute players actually out numbered female flute players, and I'm not just talking about when women weren't "supposed to" be musicians. I am of Irish heritag and there is actually a large chance that somewhere in the 350 years of that side of my family I can trace quite a few sons were taught by their fathers to play the flute. So when I play the flute I am remembering all of my ancestors who probably heard the haunting sound of a flute floating in the wind in County Claire. One day I want to visit Ireland and go to the Cliffs of Moher and play "Erin Grá Mo Chroí" into the crashing waves. For those of you who don't know the song I will include my favorite version below.

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3 Responses Jan 20, 2013

Dude, the flute is ******* awesome. Screw all the stupid people

I love flutes! I love Irish flutes for celtic music and I adore american indian flutes! I plan to get some Native American Flutes made by actual native american indians who specialize in making and playing them and I’m very excited about that. I’ve wanted to learn how to play for many years now and I believe 2013 is the year I do it! I would love to hear you play someday! :)

Sorry you were ridiculed for playing such a beautiful instrument :/ I too play the flute. I always found the sound of a flute to be very soothing and ancient. It is after all the second intrument ever played; second to the human voice of course :)