"Plan To"

So I won a guitar at my meditation camp (yes, I go to meditation camp, and yes, it's mad fun). And I don't know what to do with it!!! Eat on it? Nah, too hard. Take the strings out and crochet a scarf? Nah, waste of the rest of the guitar (not to mention, that'd be one stiff scarf). So... learn to play it, it is! Now, just to find me a teacher...

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6 Responses Apr 15, 2008

oh groovy, go for it- I bet shaggy would teach ya well. I myself don't really have any good friends that are guitar pla<x>yers, so no can do in that arena. And, oh, actually, the guitar I have is electric, not acoustic... I must say, it's pretty sweet-looking (sweet-sounding too?? I wouldn't know!!! :( )

guys are faster learners than guys?? Oh, please, we can show 'em! and thanks for the vote of confidence, I may just have to force myself to get off my lazy butt and mosey on over to my guitar...

well there ya go! good luck.<br />
it took me a lil while to learn.. but guys are faster learners than gals.. lol

hmmmmmmmm, yeah, I could probably teach myself seeing as I am pretty nifty with picking up instruments (and languages, incidentally) quickly...

there are some really cool "easy to learn guitar" videos out there nowadays.. other than that just go to wal-mart and get you a guitar chord poster and teach yourself! ;)

There are many people who play the guitar so it shouldnt be a problem. I hope you really enjoy it as it has been a hufe part of my life and I know it can bring a person lots of hapiness. There also lots of free things on the net, yet the only problem with that is you wont be able to catch your own mistakes.