Rip Jim Marshall

Pioneer in the guitar world, known as "The Father of Loud". The amps you've produced have generated some of the greatest music known to man. You will forever be missed. You rocked us down here in earth, now go rock in heaven.

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2 Responses Apr 6, 2012

From pioneers like Clapton and Hendrix to alternative groundbreakers like Frusciante, Navarro and Santiago to metal legends like Iron Maiden. Jim's name is literally a rock icon. Even people who don't play guitar know that it's gonna be loud and gonna sound good when they see a Marshall speaker cabinet on a stage.

My husband teaches guitar and bass...he is also mourning Marshall's passing. RIP

It really is sad, a lot more guitar greats are passing away. Les Paul passed away not so long ago, another great guitar pioneer. Then of course many other young tragedies like Jimi Hendrix happened. It's always sad, one that really got me was when Dimebag Darrel passed away. I was just devastated.