Living Out Daddy's Legacy.

I just started playing a few months ago. I do feel like I've picked up on it naturally. It is very easy. Not to mention I'm learning on an electric guitar...without an amp...or a tuner. :D My dad was phenomenal at playing the guitar, he passed away less than a year ago and left me his guitars. When I was little he bought me my own mini acoustic with a pink strap. I never had any interest at that point in my life. But now that he's gone, I feel like he would have wanted me to play. And I really like it. I can't wait to get his acoustic, I'm sure that will be much easier to play.
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If it's in your heart to play you'll play. If it's not then you won't. That will equate to how fast you get better at playing it. Also, taking lessons is a real good idea because it'll keep you away from bad habits that a lot of self-taugh guitarist get into because they were not shown properly on finger placement and so forth. I myself am self-taugh and do have a lot of those bad habits, it's way to late for me but maybe not for you. Anyway, my eyes were opened a lot when I bought this guitar book called "The Guitar Bible". Really helped learn basic things on the guitar and took me to the next step in my playing. Now there seems to be a lot of books with that same title or close to it, but go with the genre that your looking to play such as "The Blues" and you should be fine. Hope all goes well and good luck!<br />
P.S. Sorry to hear about your father.

Practice, practice, practice, 3/4 hrs a day for 20 years one can Get pretty good at it.

wow, i'm proud of you and i don't even know you.. so i am sure your dad would be overwhelmed with love and pride.

I'm with jena5150 (5150 is EVH's amp, btw), expect pain in the finger tips for a month or two and it'll go away.<br />
I'm glad it comes easily for you. Improvement is the best motivator.<br />
I recommend a tuner, for about $15 on musiciansfriend. Can save a lot of frustration.<br />
You know (much older than you), I've just discovered youtube as a great source for lessons in virtually any genre. It's helped me a lot. You may want to give it a try.<br />
And play whatever you love, but always go back to the blues for inspiration.

I think I just read it as "legacy" anyway lol. And you're right not to worry about the pain--it's just your body's way of telling you you're practicing enough : )

Rock on! Electrics can be easier or harder to play than acoustics. The strings on acoustics are usually thicker which might be more painful but it will sound better than an electric with no amp : )<br />
<br />
If you go to a good guitar shop they can make sure the action is set well--meaning how close the strings are to the fretboard. This will make it easier as well. And get a tuner! lol<br />
<br />
I'm very sorry about your father but I think learning the guitar and especially playing his is a beautiful way to keep his legacy alive. You'll also find it becoming a constant companion to help you celebrate the good times and get through the bad. Most of all--it's just great fun. Enjoy!

Thanks! I'm not worried about the pain, I just want it to sound good. I took it to a shop when I first got it and the guy behind the counter tuned it for me, but I do need to buy a tuner. lol. and I had to edit the title. Legacy was definitely the word I was looking for ahah!