Get So Nervous

I play classical guitar. I am good at home. But in front of people I get soooo nervous. I have really low self esteem regarding my guitar playing. I get positive comments, and still I get obssesed with the negative things. Like my strings weren't right, I skipped a part, I made so many mistakes, it wasn't perfect. When I ask people they're like: yeah it was great, keep up the good work. They don't even notice the mistakes. But me. Oh god, I torture myself afterwards will all the things I "should have done". Today I was playing in front of my colegues. They loved it even though my hands were shaking. I got only one bad comment. Just one. Just one person actually noticed an error. And I obsesse about it. And the major problem is: I let people see that. No matter how good are their comments I tell them: omg that was bad, so many faults, and I never believe them about the good comments. I hate that about me
notnownotever notnownotever
18-21, F
May 15, 2012