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Hey my name is vincent and im starting to play the electric guitar again. I played when i was 7 but i couldn't afford the lessons anymore so i stoped. But now in 14 and starting up again. I remeber some of my lessons but i need help with some things. I learned how to play iron man in a hour but i do not know how to tune the guitar so it sounds bad. Can u guitar gods help me out with like everything. Thank you soo mich for reading this
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I always tell people to balance the theory stuff with the fun stuff. So learn your open major and minor chord, then seventh chords, then barre chords. Power chords are good for rock and metal and are just basically abbreviated barre chords. Learn the major and natural and harmonic minor scales and the blues scale. Practice slow slow slow. Speed comes with time but precision is more important now so practice them slowly, preferably with a metronome. You can get then and tuners fairly cheap. For the fun part, use some of your practice time looking up tabs of your favorite songs or just trying to make up your own riffs. I also used to sit with an unplugged electric when I watched TV and tried to play every TV theme song and commercial jingle. It helped my ears coordinate with my fingers on the fretboard. Without really consciously thinking about it, you will be able to instantly recognize keys and where to go on the fretboard to play simple melodies you've heard only once.

get a guitar tuner at a guiter store. I played the guiter for a well but my guiter is borken. so am trying to have up money.

Very cool that you're playing guitar. I also play guitar, and have learned a few songs. I don't have any advice, sorry. Just wanted to drop a note :D