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On May 1 me and my girlfriend went to this couple counsling. We go.....well i go 3times every week. Me and my hirl are doing good and we havnt got into any fights. But the problem is that she dont love me for who i am. I cant blame her but i have been getting better. Im back in school and everything. She said i dont need to change my life but If you guys noticed i have been a total jerk yo my girl. And she dont like how i have gotten better. I dont drink, and im not a fan of smoking i have 3jobs and i go to school. She dont like how im never there for her. But om changing my whole life for her. She gets an aditude with me everytime she wants to make love, onthe bad times like when im studying. Im 18 i need to move out my parents house and make me and my girl have a place for our own. She thinks im putting everything before her. I just dont know what to do. I use to abise tha **** out of her and now i got jobs and im in school. And its all for US not me us. She dont want that no more. I got back in touch with my mom but my sister died of cancer. I just dont know what my girl wants. Comment on this and give me some help PLEASE !!! And i know that i get what i deserve but mu plan is, when i get our house that we own i will propose to her and Hopefuly have a new addition to our new family. I just need you guys to give me tips please and thank you
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This is not "I Play The Guitar". What the heck?! Eh, I ended up reading your story. Well for starters, I are you really sure you want to propose to her? Even when she said herself that she doesn't like the way you are? This woman of yours, she needs to be able to understand the situation and respect what you do. She needs to realize you're doing this for you and her and not for yourself like what you said on your story. You're going through a lot my man. Big ups to you. I don't know how you love this woman still to be honest. If it's not going well and she's just getting in your way, well I think it's better off to let her go. You don't want her to keep dragging you like that. Good Luck.

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