I Love Playing The Guitar That I Might Post Some Videos

I always wanted to sing in public and play my guitar.. Or just play a song for someone I love.. maybe it'll be really romantic if the guy does that.. But I really want to do it anyway. I think it will look cute. :)

I was inspired to play the guitar because (if you read my story) of that guy. one time at school, I was passing by along the corridors when I saw him playing the guitar. he was singing "I live my life for you". :) our eyes met but I quickly turn my eyes to a different direction and can't help but smile. that's the time I wanted to learn how to play it so I joined a club that gives guitar lessons.. at first I had hard time shifting my hands from chords to chords, until I mastered the minor chords..
I practice and practice and now I'm studying plucking. hope I'll be good at it soon.

I love to play Taylor Swift's songs and some acoustic songs. maybe one time I'll upload one. I don't beg you to watch it but if you do, thanks. :) oh.. you can suggest any song. even if I don't know it.. I'll learn to play them and sing them too. :)
Amandra Amandra
18-21, F
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What brand guitar do you play ?


Yes,like Gibson or Fender,Washburn ?

haha. thought so. I don't think you know the brand. it's a local brand :) It's Lumanog ^_^

Terrific. Keep up the practice. And have you made and posted a video yet?

Good luck with playing guitar! Hope you're still enjoying it.

One thing with me is that I promised myself I'd never play love songs to girls. Maybe I'm just weird but I always thought it was cheesy.

haha! It is cheesy.. But you can't help to be one (cheesy I mean) if you're truly and deeply in love. lol ^_^

I have 9 guitars & play 7 instruments


I've played and sang love songs to women, looking them in the eye,letting them know they are the only one I see.I play anything but rap and opera,lol

wow thats really nice,when i was a kid i also like to learn guitar and play it myself but my guardians and my parents think its a bad influence to learn those musical instruments,so even i become matured still i wish to play and after all the years that goes by i finally buy one guitar which is really i wanted and though i still not use it nor practice im happy hopefully i will have time to do it because i wanted to serenade my special woman and to learn more perhaps in due time i would enrolled to learn the basic and the secrets of playing guitar,you are lucky that you found a group that freely teach how to play and then learn more its a good gift for yourself....

:) wow.. gee. thanks :) Merry Christmas! hope you'll learn ASAP so you could serenade her. :) That's really sweet and thoughtful and mature :) I think only a few do that :./ so I look forward to your learning. :) hmmm.. show mw one when you got to okay? :) thanks again!