Awesome Instrumentals, Pumped For Christmas

I'm getting a digital recording studio for my guitar/laptop for Christmas. It will be amazing for the instrumentals I have planned, mainly as background music for working.

So far, I have tabs (and perfected):

"You're gonna go far Kid" - The Offspring
"I was a Teenage Anarchist" - Against me!
"Gethsemane" - Rise Against
"Smells like Teen Spirit" - Nirvana
"In Bloom" - Nirvana
"In the End" - Linkin Park
"A Place for my Head" - Linkin Park
"Bleed it Out" - More Linkin Park...
"Runaway" - The last Linkin Park, I swear!

So, I'm excited for the Holidays, but no Christmas Songs go through my baby.

Its an Epiphone Les Paul Nightfall, and in amazing shape. I take great care of it, and for a first real (Not a 3/4 Kiddie's) Guitar, is is perfect!
SilvermoonA95 SilvermoonA95
18-21, T
Dec 10, 2012