Why I Play Guitar

 I can't really describe why I do...it's just an absolute love for guitar and music. Music does something to me which cannot easily be described and it doesn't do it to everyone. There's casual music fans, music lovers and then there's people like me. Music worshipers. Like music is it for me. Nothing I love more. Now let me try to explain how it feels. Now imagine seeing God everyday, everyday...seeing the face of God. That's how it feels. It's absolute amazement and euphoria. Now, I'm not trying to sound conceited but I probably do. I'm not saying I'm better than others for loving music on the caliber which I do...I had no say in it. I had no say in who I was going to be, man. I didn't choose my mind, I was simply born. I was simply born with an absolute love for music. But I'm thankful for whatever the hell is the cause...

There's literally 100s of guitarists, songs and albums which played a part in why I play guitar and still love to but there's basically 4 main inspirations.


Carlos Santana. I was raised on him, he is my mother's absolute favorite and one of my absolute tops. What his playing does to me I cannot describe. He is a HUGE part of my life and always will be. He was my first exposure but he's not the reason I play....don't get me wrong I love his work and he is breathtaking but he wasn't the one who sealed the deal.

The song which inspired me as a very young child, I remember it well. It's not the virtuosity, it is something else...it's so perfect:


David Gilmour. Honestly he is so amazing...I don't even know what to say....when addressing Gilmour really, honestly I can't think of how to even describe how fantastic and how much he has given me...life I'm speechless. Just listen hopefully you'll feel it...

The first time I heard this I was left speechless. I had never heard or even imagined anything so beautiful. Lyrically this song is petrifying perfection but instrumentally it is magnificently beautiful:


Chuck is THE man. He is the reason we all play...

 I saw this and instantly understood everything, just everything. This is just it. This is what a live performance is.:

The man himself:

That's it. He's the reason for the universe...for mine. He is God, the Son and the Holy Spirit. He is life, he is creation. He is the reason I don't kill myself when I want to. He is the reason I exist in the first place. No one do I respect more, no one is on the caliber of Jimi. No one. Nothing compares. I am the biggest Hendrix fan who walks the face of the Earth. I literally own EVERYTHING. I even have an autograph of Billy Cox (Jimi's bassist). I have a book of copies of everything from tickets to hand written poetry! I have studied everything about him, I should a documented Hendrix specialist. I have thousands upon thousands of dollars which I've spent collecting this man's work. I have both the entire discography and videography and just...you name it. He floored me at 13 and I've been obsessed ever since. His music is indescribable...I cannot explain how his music makes me feel. He is the best. No question. Not only guitarist but musician to ever live. I have no ambivalent feelings. He is the greatest NOT because of how fast he could play or his theatrics. No, he is the best because he is capable of this magic, beautiful...just amazing, euphoria generating...sound:


I heard this and that was it. I had no words, I was only completely inspired and in love. And let me just add I can play this song and take it from me, it will take you to another world. Again, it's not very hard...it's not something I recommend you play first, wait a few years but it's not impossible. But it's just perfection and an absolute must.

This had the same affect, this is just ******* fantastic. It touches me in such a way I can't verbalize my adoration for this perfect piece:


But my first exposure to Jimi was this, I remember this so clearly. I was 11 or 12 and my brother and mother were talking about Jimi and I remembered I had seen this tape "Blue Wind Angel" in the garage or something, I watched it the next day extremely loudly. It was a spiritual experience.....

He went into this...rest is history for me...
And of course this utterly indescribable performance. This was another song that also contributed to my decision to play guitar but I really play guitar because of "Bold as Love" and "Little Wing" but EVERYTHING Jimi has done is indescribably brilliant:

There you have it. Now I've been playing for years and I listen to everything. Nothing much has changed. Guitar bit me hard, the bug of love.
Nothing is more rewarding...I just can't even describe it. I love guitar, it is...just IT. Nothing is better. And I love everything about it.

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Jan 8, 2013