I Love Playing Guitar

I have played guitar since I was about 11. But then stopped when my friend passed away. I picked it up again when I was 14/15. I love music, and playing a guitar. I play a lot when I feel down, and it gives me a lot of relief if I am angry or stressed or upset. And it's a pretty good cure for me
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Im sorry to hear about your friend :( if it helps i play and listen to metal, it sort of makes me happy, it gives your emotions a break and it jus helps. i think its great that you have found what helps you deal with loss and sadness, good luck!

Hi...I am sorry to hear about your friend. We lose people that are close to us...it is unfortunately a part of life, but know that life does not end in this existence that we call "reality" or now. <br />
<br />
Play the tunes and if it inspires you to be creative then pen some words and maybe you'll let us all listen to those words someday...<br />
<br />
Give the following songs a listen:<br />
Ordinary World - Duran Duran<br />
Wake me up when September ends - Green Day

I'm sorry for your friend, I lost a friend last year and It wasnt easy for me. I love music also, and it helps me a lot. Good lock with your music.

I'm so sorry your friend passed away. It's always most difficult at a young age. Someone I knew commit suicide last year and I was so hard to understand. But it's great you have an outlet--something that makes you feel whole and uplifted. The best music/lyric writers have this relationship with their music. You should keep at it. :) Have a good day