One of the instruments i play is ofc the guitar. Strumming isnt really what i like so i play fingerstyle (playing the melody and harmony at the same time). I also like figuring out the melody by ear to songs -mostly lana del rey lol. Im starting to teach myself spanish guitar.. Such a mission.

I was so motivated to become a better guitarist because the girl i care a lot about also likes the same style of guitar and i love when i play that she'd just sit there in awe and admire me sometimes she'd sing along or dance to songs i made up. It's like the few times i can inspire her and show her what im great at since shes so much smarter than i, shes pretty, outgoing, and just almost perfect. So i always wanna improve so i can impress her loool. I also like the songs too ofc haha.

There was a time where we were in a staircase at school we were both playing guitar she was playing fingerstyle i was playing the melody because she feels more comfortable to sing when she has a melody to follow. I remember looking at her deeply when she'd sing certain lyrics and she'd smile soooo hard. She was stunningly beautiful. She is my first love.

I can no longer listen to that song or play it. Too many memories. Too much sadness. It hurts too much.

Lol all this from "i play guitar"... My life revolves around her, idk what im going to in a few weeks when we will be at different universities. She keeps my world spinning and my heart beating.
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simon and garfunkel have good finger picking. Try April Come She Will or The Boxer

The boxer isnt my style. April come she will is cute LOL but again its not something that makes me fall in love but i do like it. I like playing things that are very soft and beautiful. But im tryin to play spanish that incorporates fingerstyle like manha de carnaval

hmm im not real familiar with spanish music but im sure there are some good artists and songs. have fun learning some manha de carnaval though lol