I Play the Guitar

All my family has to some extent. My dad plays quite well, and my eldest sister is good too. I started when I was twelve or so but gave up after a while, never getting very good. I recently (A few months ago) started up again. I own a Squire Strat from way back when I first started, but I don't play it any more. I play my dad's old Yamaha acoustic... I really want a Larrivee. Oh well. That's about my experience. My favourite guitarist is Thomas Erak from The Fall Of Troy.
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2 Responses Aug 27, 2006

i know a guy he's really good in guitar no one taught him he taught him self just by putting his mind to it !<br />
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try to play again life is full of tones and beats that want to be lived with ur feelings music is life ilove art but my real problem is that i cant find my way ilove art itried to be anything but icant find my way always trying but cant reach anything or find my way