I Play Guitar (how I Learned and Got Started)

It's funny, the reason why I started playing guitar was only to be cool at first. I remember I was in first grade and I was in the car with my mom and dad. We were listening to the cd "Dangerous" by Michael Jackson. Track 10 would captivate me forever. Track 10 happened to the song "Give into me" and Slash plays a freaking sick guitar solo in it. It was then that I knew that I wanted to play guitar. I remember that I always felt cool at school everytime I had a song stuck in my head that sounded edgy. At the time, edgy was old school funk that my parents listened to on the radio. If I was getting bullied, I tried to think of a "cool song" to make the situation better. Keep in mind, this was all during my elementary school years, where kids do stupid things (hahaha) Anyways, I was also a Tomboy in those days so I would look "cool" if I listened to funk music. During fifth grade, I started getting into extreme sports and discovered rock music with even better guitars. That summer I started listening to more rock radio stations and getting even more into the guitar. The following summer, my uncle came in to visit. Now my uncle is a guitarist himself and he knew how badly I wanted a guitar. My dad had told him before he came to visit how passionate I was on playing guitar. When my uncle came to visit, he brought his classical guitar to play around with. It was after dinner and my dad was cleaning the kitchen. I was sitting at the breakfast table with my uncle. He had his guitar in hand and he was playing along to a Peter White cd that my dad had put in the stereo. My uncle was briefing me on the importance of strengthening your ear when it comes to learning an instrument. A few minutes pass by and the shock of my life comes. "I hope your listening good to all of this because this is now your guitar." Those words would change my life forever. An enormous grin crept up on my face and all I could do was thank him a million times. I huged him and my dad and went to my room and immediately called my buddy Zach who plays guitar too. He was so excited for me and already wanted to teach me things on it. After talking to Zach, I called my mom who was on a business trip to tell her the great news. I couldn't believe it! A few days later, my mom came back home and said that when we had more money, she would get me guitar lessons. Yeah right! I didn't want to wait, I wanted to learn now! One saturday morning, I was downstairs watching tv. I have Comcast so I decided to see what was new On Demand. I stumbled across the greatest thing ever. They had a section for guitar lessons! I immediately ran to my room, grabbed my guitar, and sat infront of the tv and watched the lessons. From those lessons, I learined basic chords and riffs. It was cool and all but I wasn't satified. At the time, my favorite band was Linkin Park and I really wanted to learn their songs on guitar.  I was on the computer a few days later and that was when I came across the greatest website ever invented. It's called ultimateguitar.com and it's a website full of guitar tablature. I was instantly enticed and excited. I sat there for most of the day on the computer, learning songs on my guitar! It wasn't until then that it dawned on me that I could teach myself to play guitar. It was pretty comical watching me rock out to songs on a classical guitar with nylon strings but it never did phase me. I realized that I found what I was born to do. The music was always in me, I just had to discover it. My 13th birthday came in April, and all my hard work of learning how to play songs paid off. I got my first electric guitar and it was a nice Squier stratocaster. I called it Sunburst because it had a nice black to orange fade color to it. I loved Sunburst. I played that guitar all the time. I had nothing but great memories with Sunburst. I eventually had to trade Sunburst in for a better guitar which is the one I have now. The one I have now is an off brand of and Epiphone Dot but you couldn't tell that it's off brand by the sound. The semi hollowbody is great for the music I play. The name of this guitar is Sunrise because of its yellow-orange color. I got Sunrise for my 14th birthday and I still love it. I'm now 17, and I have been playing for almost seven years. Everyday I know that God blessed me with a talent that I can share with people. One of my greatest accomplishments is when I gained enough courage to play the Star Spangled Banner infront of my entire school at a pep rally. The feeling of the crowd pumping you up and cheering at the top of their lungs for you is way beyond exhilerating. It's a great thing to know that people like the way that you play guitar and they come up to you and compliment you on your ability. I'm only 17 and I have so much more that I want to do with my guitar playing and I can only hope that God blesses me to pursue those dreams. I have a feeling that He will.


Sorry for the long story, I kinds got carried away hahaha let's just say this was practice for my college essay hahaha

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enjoyed reading ur story, u get an A 4 ur essay!! i think 4 some ppl (like u), guitar is a calling. keep on keeping on!