Take Me To Another World

For me, playing the guitar is the one thing that takes me away from the world. Whenever I need to get out of my head and into a different dimension I pick up my guitar and play. I'm not necessarily amazing at guitar, but just hearing myself create a song by just sitting there and playing a few different chords is amazing.

I'm in college and barely have time to sit and play as much as I want to, but I still play a lot and especially when I'm stressed. Music has always been calming for me and I've played multiple instruments in my life. However, the guitar is a different experience than piano or a drum set. The feel of the strings and knowing that it's you creating that sound makes me feel like I'm in the clouds.

There are so many times in my life that have been so stressful and playing guitar, even if it's off beat or just random shredding, i feel on top of the world.

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6 Responses Jan 21, 2010

It's a great escape route :)

Most of the time when I play, time escapes from me and I will feel like I have been playing for a few minutes though it has been hours

It doesn't matter if I'm sick, tired or mad when I play the guitar because it takes me a way from reality. When I was in college I couldn't spend eight hours a day practicing so I switched to playing classical music. This was a very good experience for me since I really improved on note reading during those years. Also, everyone things you're really cool when you play classical stuff. (well, actually I was playing Baroque and romantic stuff as well).<br />
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thats awesome :)

Haha thanks! =) it's the easiest way for me to express myself and relax. I get so stressed sometimes and it's so helpful. Composing is also a huge part of the experience for me. Not only playing, but writing lyrics too. Most of the time I come up with the music before the lyrics, but either way is just heaven for me!

playing guitar is a great way 2 get away from it all...keep playing!