What Kind Of Guitar(s) Do You Have?

Let's see what we all have...

I have a Paul Reed Smith, a Fender Squire Strat, and a Fender Jazz bass. All are recent acquisitions; all are great instruments!

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My main squeeze is an American made Fender Strat. I also haver a Fender Bullet Bass as well as the very first Bass I ever owned, an old Fender Squire Bass, short neck. Keeping it for the grandkid! Possibly the best guitar I ever owned was my very first, a late 1960's Mosrite, starburst. I would still be playing it today but for someone who didn't want to work for a living and took it......and never brought it back! Strats a good fingering guitar though!

@iamstillrightthere: How are you progressing? What method(s) of study are you using? I much prefer electric; in fact I don't have an acoustic right now.

I just started to teach myself, this january. I got a paul reed smith, paul allender purple electric quitar with the bats on the neck. its really nice. then i got a fender hot rod blue acoustic guitar. i waited since last november for it. and the best one is coming, on layaway, an american fender special edition strat. its red and the head is from the 70's style. i can wait though. its half of the fun. the quitar is a great way to help yourself get over the loss of a loved one. it is also such a satisfying feeling when i accomplish something. but boy oh boy was my friend right about your fingers hurting on the accoustic. just got it about a week ago. so no real calisouses yet. hope to hear from somebody. peace all

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Wow, emrldpeeps, that is so sad. But you should take joy in your granddaughter's talent <br />
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@rockguitarman:How old is your Alvarez? Older ones made by the company's founder can be worth a lot of money!

I have an acoustic alvarez guitar and a gibson les paul