I Recently Bought My First Harmonica

I'm someone who has wanted to play the harmonica since I was a kid. Back in September or October, I got to thinking about that and thought, "Why HAVEN'T I bought one and started learning?" So I bought one on October 11th and it came in the mail (I bought it on Amazon) on the 18th that month. It's a Hohner Marine Band Special Twenty (key of C) harmonica, which I read is a good choice for beginners from the stuff I've looked at trying to decide what kind of harmonica I should get.

The first "real" song I learned to play from memory was Jingle Bells since Christmas is nearing. I'm still practicing on Deck the Halls (which was actually the first song I started trying to play). By "real" I mean there was a song or two that's music from video games I learned such as the Mario game over theme and Epona's Song from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

This is actually the third musical instrument I've picked up. The first was the trombone though I haven't played it in years (I was in the band in junior high and high school), followed by I tried played the keyboard/piano though I never progressed as far as I would like to say for various reasons, and now the harmonica.

I hope my harmonica skill will get better as time goes on and I'll get a long time enjoyment out of it.
DarthJustice DarthJustice
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I've been playing for 37 years. I'm still learning.and play more now than any time in my life. There are free online lessons on youtube, and there are lessons you can purchase. One of the best players and teachers in my opinion is Howard Levy with lesson in all styles of music, all skill levels, and would help you jump start your playing. nice thing about this hobby is it'll fit in your pocket. Try that with a baby grand piano. Good luck!