A Dream Come True

My favorite musician plays the harp, and I always dreamed of playing her songs. My father took me to my first lesson, and right when I touched the strings, it brought a brilliant smile to my face because I knew it was the instrument for me. I have accomplished so much since that moment, preforming in festivals, winning my school talent show, and getting superiors at competitions; however, the most rewarding part is making my family happy with my music. The best time is at Christmas, where I can play for my church and at home for my relatives. I am very blessed to have had this opportunity.

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I get the feeling of enjoying the harp. It must be awesome. I don't really know any musician that play harp, but I really love the harp myself. I got myself at fall before new year. It was great to finally touch that kinda instrument for the first time. It sorta resonated for me... I wonder if it was like that for you as well. :3
How do you practice harp? I can only practice on my own, but someone with your kinda experience, must know something. Is there any music books someone like me should look for? :3
thank you for sharing. :D

Hello there! sorry for the late reply (I had to update my virus software, and I kinda procrastinated on buying one). Anyway, I strongly suggest that you find a teacher near you. At first I just wanted to learn by myself, but in hindsight, I could tell that it would have been a disaster x) try googling teachers near you, or looking in phone books, the harp society has a list of teachers as well:

But it you cannot see a teacher, I would suggest that you go on youtube and study how harpists use their fingers, the way they move their arms, how high they play on the strings, etc. As for music books, there aren't really any "how to play the harp" books that I've used, I usually just get a book and start working on the pieces in there. That can be overwhelming, so you might want to get a warm up book, along with a separate book just with easy pieces. Sylvia Woods has many beginner books, actually I just found one that says you can teach yourself. just make sure that you get books for lever harp only (because I assume you arent going out and buying a 20,000$ pedal harp).

Again though, I really do recommend that you find a teacher if you can. That way you can try out the instrument for a while and see if you like it. If possible, rent a harp while you are starting to learn, do not buy one online--those small harps made in Pakistan that are sold for a few hundred bucks are bad quality and I dont want you do regret buying one. Its really the best to be able to try out the harp first.
Anyway, I hope I helped you, happy harp playing!!

Already I got myself a harp (this fall). Made me really happy. :3
I notice on my own how the sound is different on the different heights of the strings, and the way one hold seem to affect the sound as well. Sometimes it can be much softer depending on the touch. Sometimes much harsher. The only way to get taught anything is on my own. There is no other in norway that is close enough for me. Teachers in norway? It's as simple to find one as trying to create a sun out of nothing. I love my harp, and trust me, it is a thing I longed for more than life. If I regret this decision, it would be stupid of me to have longed for a harp from childhood. It is a help to know about books. If I am lucky, I might be able to borrow them from library. Thanks. :3