I Play It Well

I know how to please a man orally... and it does not have to be deep throat. In fact, using my lips and tongue... sucking... making appreciative noises... yeah, a humjob... is really the best way...

He doesn't need to put his hand on my head to guide me... I let his noises, his hip thrusts, his precum tell me that I am pleasing him in a mind-blowing way... heh heh heh...

And when he finally shoots off I love it... the taste, the excitement, the knowledge that I have just given him pure pleasure.

The skinflute is a wonderful instrument to get to know well.... very responsive!
SabrinaNYC SabrinaNYC
26-30, F
9 Responses Aug 2, 2010

Heavens... what an accolade!

A most wonderful instrument. Very responsive and delicious and maybe the it is one of he unsung wonders of the ancient and modern world.

That sounds wonderful. A good BJ is the key to a man's heart.

But I'm not... I belong to my boyfriend!

No... I have access to one that I just LOVE.... and it's owner too!

Wow! You are a true musician after my own heart! May I offer my flute for a practice session sometime?

That is it exactly... fingers are a VERY important part of a good skinflute session... there are the lovely lower balls to finger... that cute taint to probe... and even the back hole to fill... plus if mouth music has to stop for some reason, your hand must be available to keep the flute full.

Nothing like a talented flutist. It sounds like you have the talent. Would love to offer you my flute. As for myself, I love playing the flute too. I've found, as you have, that it isn't the depth of the throat that is the issue, it is the ability of the flutist to alter the ombusher to maximum effect in producing the proper contact with the flute's "mouthpiece." Double and triple tonguing has a wonderful effect, and it can all be well-aided by expert fingering. When all of that technique **** together, it is impossibel for the flute to withold the "music" each flutist most desires!

stuff like this is a turn on, shows you know how to please very well!!! talking about pre-***, just thinking of you doing that has me oozing a bit