Last Day In High School Band:(

Well today was my last day in high school band =( i will miss it greatly. Even though im going in a college band to play trumpet... its not the same. Oh the memories made... those friday nights I'd re-live over and over. Its so much fun. Band was the only thing I enjoyed in school. Its all i was involved in, and now since im a senior and today was my last day... i feel like i lost a big part of my life. Band was always a part of me, and when i have kids i want it to be a part of their lives too. I hope they're trumpet players too!!! Their mother (me) was a damn good trumpet player. I won so many awards, medals, and trophies. It was amazing.
So yeah i'll miss going to band 1st period everyday of my high school life,
getting dressed in the band bus friday nights,
Running like hell to get to the field before they started
Marching in 110 degree weather
Marching in 20 degree weather
Playing a solo
Showing the younger ones where to go
Making out on the bus ride back home
Dragging all the crap up the stands then back down
Spending my saturdays september-october at marching contests
Friday nights at the game
Pep rallys that we goofed off in
Making our band director mad (but he still loved us)
Being the best section in band!!!
Struting and showing off our pride
(((the stuipd trumpet section arguments and fights))
The long bus rides, the food we ate in the stands that we werent supposed to
Did i say doing many push ups for being late?!
Marching in mud
Marching in ants
Running around to find all your stuff
Concert band seasons
The trips =)
The trouble with sticking valves
The yelling cuz the trumpets got blatty
I'll miss is bad =(
And i dedicate two songs to this
Dont stop believing by Journey (sang it on the band bus going home from football games)
And also...
Faithfully by Journey (our trumpet section song)
This is me, I am a trumpet player
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5 Responses May 25, 2012

congratulations, cool story.

Congratulations on those awards and medals,trophies you got😄

i hated me last day in band :(
can you add me?

wow... i understand how your feeling... I was in school band, but i played the clarinet, and omg how i loved it, and so many memories!!! God, how I miss those days.. I wish I could go back... It only seems like yesterday I was doing this, but yes i know what you mean....:(