Ukulele Saved My Life



About 6 years ago I was working 70hours a week (no overtime pay) few friends, poor health and pretty much just a sad and lonley existence. Those factors led to a minor heart attack and 33 years old.

Then, while on recovery leave from work, I picked up a 20 dollar Mahalo ukulele, and subsequently never put it down. I played night and day, day on night, every opportunity I got. The pleasure I derived from a simple little 4 stringed instrument seemed to remove the stress and make everything just seem that much better. I never stopped playing. I now do regular performances and have over 129 videos on youtube rocking my ukuleles. I own close to 30 (maybe more) and still keep adding more. (do a search on youtube for my nickname "sirant" and see for yourself!)

The ukulele is truly a bit of magic in a stress filled and crazy world. Not only does it make me immensly happy, when little else can, but it is guaranteed, and I mean GUA-RAN-TEED to bring a smile to anyone listening. I have played my uke in front of crowds of 1000's, for an airport lobby filled with angry and frustrated passengers with a 4 hour delay in flight, TV shows, Radio and just walking down the street or sitting in a park. I have played it in 5 different contries and sang songs in 3 different languages. And one thing stands true, when I play, people stop and smile. Always. 100% of the time.

That is the magic of the uke. Not only is it one of the most portable of string instruments, but it can help make even a terrible singing voice soung like and angel. As a professional teacher I often use my ukes in my lessons, whether for adults or children.

I highly reccomend anyone and everyone run out and get themselves a uke. They are easy to play (never had a lesson and I know over 500 songs and wrote 12) and they will make everyone around you smile. If thats not magic I don't know what is.

The ukulele really did save my life, it can work for you too.


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7 Responses Feb 27, 2009

I agree! The uke is the happiest instrument to me and does save lives!

That's such an awesoem story! Bewteen this and Amanda Palmer's Ukulele Anthem seems I gotta get ma an Ukulele now! :)

How can anyone be sad playing the ukulele? The size, the sound, the instant and easy music it creates--it tickles my funny bone to think of it. I truly love my uke!

there is something magical about it.. when i go, i wanna be playing my uke right till the end !! :)

ok this is a great story, I just picked up my first uke today and Ol MacDonnald Had A Farm is now rockin my world and yeh it does make u smile

This is Great. I myself just recently bought a Uke for the first time trying to fill up time in life. I am still very new and love it so far and am looking for anything to aid me in becoming a better ukulele pla<x>yer. Thanks for sharing your story!

look up Ukulele Mike on YouTube. Not only is he a good teacher, but he has a positive outlook. :-)

This is a fantastic story, Sirant! Music is such a powerful thing.<br />
It helped you heal your life, emotionally and physically. How cool is that!<br />
<br />
I think it's extra cool that you share your music with all these other people. I love your story.<br />
See you on YouTube!