Recently Started, Counts As Playing?

Hey. I like music, but for most of my life didn't think about learning to play an instrument, but when I was like 21 or something, I wanted to learn the drums, but sucked at it and got discouraged and gave them up. Lat year, in december, after thinking about it a lot, decided to start taking lessons, but I think I suck worse! the most basic things frustrate me and find them really difficult, and I whenever I see a good player on youtube or listen to music, I get discouraged, and if I take into account my age... though still I refuse to give up
Escaladegris Escaladegris
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2 Responses Jul 28, 2011

sorry, just realized you wrote this a year ago.. :/ Whatever, it's never too late :)

I understand what you mean. Dont let this discourage you, age doesnt matter in music. It's something personal, the more you practice, the better you'll be. Also, what matters with music is that you enjoy it, feel connected to the instrument. The rest of the world is another matter.
Also, of course you sucked! Haha, that must have sounded weird but EVERYBODY, even the greatest musicians of all times, sucked when they begin. It usually takes some years to be able to play well .My opinion is that it was your teachers fault, he shouldnt have discouraged you.
Remember to practice every day and you will be good and proud of yourself before you know it. Dont quit, you will regret it and it's a shame. You'll see that in a few years you will take such joy and pride out of playing, that it will all be worth it. ;)