I Want to Find Fellow Players!

I want to find fellow violin players in the UK, more specifically, Manchester.

I am a 20 year old student, and it is becoming increasingly frustrating trying to find strings groups that get together, maybe once a week to play together.

when i was younger (8-10years old), i played in an orchestra and unfortunately lost my violin and then lost the will continue :(

i have a violin now, but at the moment i believe i am playing at a beginners standard

I found am advert online at http://cheshire.adzooks.co.uk/community/musicians-djs/beginner-strings-players-violin-cello-etc--2744317.html , (it is a beginners group in didsury) but unfortunately the advert has expired so i am unable to access the "contact us" bit :( hopefully someone may see my desperate plee and invite me to join their strings group...

thankyou all who read and i hope you can help me :D

meme89 meme89
Mar 26, 2009