I Play With My Sis Beaty Parlor, Big Mistake

When my sister and I were younger about 7 and 5 years old we used to go with my mom to the Beauty parlor. My mom was a good friend of the owner so she had her hair done before she open the store. One day while my mom was turning herself beautiful , My sister and I play "beauty parlor"  with real tools......yeah exactly what you are imagining.  I was the hairdresser my sis was the custumer, she sat and i wash her hair...... comb her precious hair......... oh yeah i foun a nice bottle of red liquid.... yeah i dyie her hair too.......hairdressers cut hair too you know. When i finish i gave her the mirror.......and she started crying , she didn't like my creation! . My sis was luck her hair got  "fixed" my mom friend did what she could  my mom grounded me for a week and my sis never again wanted to play with me Beauty parlor.


By the way i didn't do it on purpose, i was just playing...

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3 Responses Jul 30, 2007

Wow, my mother would have beaten me!

That reminds me of when my sister snuck up on me when I was sleeping and cut all my hair because she didn't like the way I styled hers, unfortunately because she was so cute my mother did nada!

That reminds me of when my sisters played hairdresser with our barbies :-