How I Found Touhou And Loved It

I found out about Touhou about 1 year ago, and this is how it all started.

A friend of mine was sleeping over for the weekend ca. 1,5 years ago, we played some random music from youtube in the background while playing Minecraft, then he played of "U.N. Owen Was Her" and I thought " Hm, this sounds interesting" so a few months later I Found the song again and found out about the whole game series, then I thought I should give it a try and downloaded "Touhou 6: The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil" after Seeing a video of somebody beating Flandre on Lunatic.

and from the very moment I figured out how to play the games I have pretty much gotten absorbed into the giant entity of awesome and epic that is Touhou, I started to listen to rearranges and remixes of the songs from the games and learned most of the names, back stories and "canon" by heart.

So yeah, after finding the games and playing them, (currently haven't beaten anny of them on normal or higher but almoast beaten EoSD on normal without continues, always get myself killed at Sakuya or Remilia.)
But I have been pretty much Eating, Breathing and Sleeping Touhou the last year and I absolutely love it and love that ZUN continues to publish new games and keeping them challenging, also hope the Touhou community keeps growing larger and larger because it's quiet frankly one of the only game series lately that *ACTUALLY* challenge gamers these days to their limits.

And I will continue to play the games for as long as possible and support the community however I can :D

ThatGuyInTheCornerOverThere ThatGuyInTheCornerOverThere
18-21, M
Jan 14, 2013