Braces and Trumpet Don't Mix

Braces improve your health and your smile but they don't do anything helpful for trumpet.

Before i got braces i could play high C easily and i could reach high E most of the time, i got to lead trumpet way before my time and i felt like i could play anything. Right before i got the braces i worked for hours and hours on the unison section in 'the chicken.'

I got braces my range went down nearly two octaves and the hours of practice wasted. I can barley play 10 minutes straight. Only when i start playing can i reach G just above the stave and then i can barely play E.

I guess that's the price for a perfect smile.

Steve838 Steve838
18-21, M
4 Responses Feb 14, 2009

Oh yea no mintees - and its moments like these when you need 'em.<br />
Hehe :)

i miss apples too and mintees

Aww - that sucks! I thought the worst thing about braces was not being able to eat apples - but I never had to play the trumpet!

it sure is