Six Years And Counting...

When I came to my middle school it was either PE/computers/critical thinking or join band.. I love music, always have always will... so why not learn to play music? The whole first half of 6th grade we learned how to read music, just rhythms and a little treble clef. One night after school every one came into the cafeteria and experienced players of different instruments would grade us based on how much potential we could have on three instruments of our choice. I deff wanted to try trombone and trumpet but no idea what 3rd instrument to try. I was in the trombone line and the  tuba line next to us was really short so why the hell not? I sat down and the dude was like vibrate your lips or whatev. I tried it and FELL IN LOVE with the instrument! three years later I graduated with a superior at every FBA competition my band attended and I would call my self experienced at the time... I went to high school and put on a sousaphone and marched for three years building what was a nonexistent tuba section in a week HS band to a six man tradition enriched tuba sec. that swing our bells like mofos into every stadium at every game! 2yr. state champ football team is always fun too! I'll be a senior next year and I still plan on tubaing it up (if that's a verb?) I would some day like to dot the i at The Ohio State University but what tuba player wouldn't? anywayz... that's my story.

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As a tuba player myself, i say tubaing should be a verb.