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For a long time now i've been playing video games , since the first time i played with the Nintendo on that Mario Bros. 1, 2, and 3 but Mario 3 is what got me hocked up on video games , today it's incredible to see how much games have evolved and how realistic they are
becoming , Today its more Call of duty Black Ops and the Zombies Epic !!! and also Fallout 3 and New Vegas all of that on my Xbox 360 .
Don't get me wrong i do play many other games like , ( Blur , Fable 2 and 3 , call of duty world at war, Bioshock 1 and 2 , red dead redemption, rock band, Halo odst , halo wars , halo 3 , sacred 2 , gears of war 2 , homefront and many more...

im now 27 so its been at least 21 years of gaming and i don't see myself stopping any time soon :)

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I see no reason for you to stop playing video games. I'm 34 ands i still play video games. If you still have your classic NES system try and find and buy the japan verison of mario bros 2 thats game is hard as hell but fun

I still have my first Atari and commodore64. I've been gaming since I was 7, hence my Atari. I've been gaming for 30+ years and was slowly burning out. But thanks to the fifa franchise, I live, eat, and breathe fifa. no other game can top that franchise because it saved me from boredom.

I know how it feels, i cant dont remember how old i was when i first started playing video games but i do remember having my best friend ask if i wanted over and play video games. 5th grade i went to his place after school and there i played my first video game. I remember it being Golden Eye, damn that was fun. Then i twitched with excitement when i started playhing Conkers Bad Fur Day, i never knew they made such loling violent games. Up until a few months ago we still got together for a game of Call of Duty 3 or Zombies in CoD Black ops. CoD 3 is old but it the only game i can play on live with people from the 48, best connection possible and i still end up with 800-1k ping on any game i play.

Woah.. that was creepy. You sound just like me lol. But im only 24 and only been serious gamer since 17. You should totally keep playing! You have xbox live? Black Ops and World at War zombies are tons of fun lol.

"Now look here some Jim! In my day we didn't have your fancy direct neural connections to play our video games. We used keyboards, mousses and hand held controllers and none of that life like virtual environments uploaded into your cyber brain, we had 3D graphics on a screen and before that 2D graphics! Don’t talk to me gaming boy! I was gaming before your mummy was in diapers!” :p

I sure hope it does become true. How AWESOME would that be!

I know right , there are to many good games coming out and imagine in like 10 years !!! now we have Kinect so imagine later on !! can't wait , and the nursing home im right behind ya with my gaming system lol

Yes I know exactly what you mean I can see myself teaching my future children how to play D&D or something like that. I can also imagine myself in a nursing home with a Gameboy in hand.