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I love to play video games I have been playing the Sims 3 lately though I like to play competitive video games as well
Kailyn Kailyn
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I love playing video games too. Please add me. I love the Sims 3 Pets.

OK I'll add you , :) do you have the sims 4? I have the sims 2 , the sims 3, what do you play the sims pets on ? I have sims games for PC and ps2

Nope. I just have The Sims 3. Awesome.

OK :)

I am addicted to video games, my iPod is full of games all the games from the makers of candy crush, puzzle and dragons, minion rush, and on my computer I have dungeon defenders and borderlands 1 & 2. There are so many games to play and not enough time to play them all.

i got hooked on Zuma when it can out popcape make some cool games.

love Plants vs. Zombies :D

tf2 and DOTA2 i like Awesomenauts too, but it's not free to play.

Ooh do you play tf2 by any means?

oh whats that?

There is the link, its free to play first person shooter game. But it has a lot of different classes with different capabilities and some compliment the other. Hence the two teams RED and BLU composed of different players of different classes compete with each other on the grand stage of Team Fortress 2 to find out who will win it all. Man im good at being dramatic lol.

all right sounds good haha

It is good. Give it a try, if you like fps's a little bit, you will like this game.

all right thanks :)

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Oh yeah I love playing online mostly. The one game I'm playing the most online is battlefield 3 right know. Plus I'm playing the sims 3 and 2

I like the Sims games the best and Zombie ones

I enjoy Sims 3 and wow as well as little addictive games like plants vs. zombies. I think I'm having a second childhood : P

Oh yeah plants vs. zombies is great too