hey folkes,i just found this group and ill have to say oddly that this is already my fav group! send this to everyone,i will be posting more in the near future...thanks!
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What are your favorites though? Also have you played the games i mentiojed? Skyrim is the best elder scrolls game imo, i saw oblivion, didnt seem all thatgood and the leveling system isnt as flexible. I wish there were more games with skyrims system, being able to level up everything, and choose from there. Maybe a modern or futuristic game like that. Ehatdo you think? Also whata your all time favorite game?

i will have to say my all time fav game is modern warfare 2, and i have indeed played skyrim but my fav games are the ,call of duty series especially the modern warfare games along with most of the battlefield games,bad company ,bad company 2 ,battlefield 2/3 . dident really care for the first battlefield though.

What kind of games do you play?i re ommened all mass effect games and skyrim

to be honest their are not alot of games i have not played. lol