Why Do Same People Hate The Ps3

i have ps3 why do people hate it so mach my friend says i should get a xbox 360 but same the games mike feel me sick he is why i have a gamecube and a ps2 what should i do i want all of you to let me know what you think
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1 Response Dec 15, 2012

I love my ps3. I have both but I play the ps more. The online is much better on it. All though I'm more of a Nintendo nerd :3. Do you assassins creed? We should play some time.

no i don't sorry fore that what kind of games do you like

I mostly play games like skyrim assasins Creed and zelda. Final fantasy is cool. Although I suck at the battle tactics. Love the stories though.

i have skyrim what final fantasy do you like

13 was good. I want seven and I have the ds version if 3

i have 13 and 10-2 use the auto attack on 13 they toke the ending from 13-2 do you have the book fore skyrim

they are talking about a remake of final fantasy seven

Oh cool. No. I haven't played it in a while. Maybe I will play when I get home

do have you have skyrim

Yeah. For ps3

do you want me to send you mine ask your mom and dad first

i hope you can use the book

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