Final Fantasy 13

why do people gave final fantasy 13 a hard time i like the game it is better then skyrim before any one says any thing it does not have the bugs like skyrim does if their are gamers out their that like ff 13 i would love to here from you i want to know what all of you think rock on gamers
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pretty good but to me its not as good as 9 and 12 of the series

i have 10,10-2 and 12 fore the ps2

have you battled the hell wyrm???
and yiazmat???

no i have not

word of advice: before battling yiazmat....bring your people- all of them- to level 70 or this dragons level is 75 and bring A LOT of status enhancments like protect and magic spells like shellga and protectga and the healing spell renew.....and bring holy scathe and flare and also beat zodiark the keeper of precepts summon with you for aid because this boss is the most highest health carrier in the game with an exact amount of a whopping 50,000,000 health and it will take a total of 4-6 hours to beat....i beat him in 3 due to my bravery and faith spells along with the above mentioned and i also brought my people to level 80......beat yiazmat to get some rewards and steal from him for items along with a "serpentarius" and then you should be able to challenge the highest level boss omega mark XII at level 99......and the level 99 red chocobo enemy somewhere in the ozmo plains......hell wyrm has nearly the same amount of health do the same strategy for yiazmat and then you will definitely be ready for the two mentioned enemy and boss and ready to challenge zodiark to get his summon but be forewarned that zodiark is the strongest of all the espers and has the strongest dark type attack known as darkja which can kill you extremely fast if your not careful at level 66 and his abilities are as follows:

Scathe, Reflect, Bravery, Faith, Banish Ray, Piercing Graviga, Darkja (his very first attack is this and then he'll use it occasionally throughout the rest of the battle), Level 2 Sleep, Level 3 Disable, Level 4 Break, Greater Barrier, Battle Cry, Limit Break

his statistics are as follows:

336,847 999
Strength Magic
53 50
Defense Mag Def
34 37
Vitality Speed
92 25
Attack Evade%
112 0
0 70
CP Gil
7,610 0

his weakness is holy (the only actual light based attack) and he absorbs dark majic of any type and transforms it into health and the rest of the elements do normal damage.....

his attacks can inflict disease

he is immune to Death, Petrify, Stop, Doom, Confuse, Sleep, Disease, Reverse, Slow, Disable, Immobilize, Silence, Blind, Poison, Oil, Sap, Lure, Berserk, Warp, Poach, Fractional Damage, Sight Unseeing, Syphon, Numerology, Charm, Achilles, Wither, Addle

and he Uses Shift to change his weakness once it has been found out. The battle gets harder as Zodiark's HP drops. he also Starts the battle with Reflect, Protect, Shell, and Haste so use dispel as he is not immune to this....... follow all of these and you'll beat him quite long as you have everything you need to beat for yiazmat and hell wyrm........i'd have to say to look up how to prepare for these two EXTREMELY LONG battles........

thank you i have to buy new red white and yellow hook up fore my ps2

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beat the game.

no i have not i need help

what do you need help with???

ask me anything i beat it so i'm open for questions about this i'll add you to my circle so you can send me mail with the questions......

i can't bet the robot

i have the two movies

how did you bet them i would like that

hell wyrm and yiazmat....i only beat yiazmat within 3 hourse due to high level and attack as well as all magic and techniques in the game.......all people at level 99 and only omega mark XII left to kill after yiazmat and i will have officially beaten all bosses in the for hell wyrm i don't know how to get to him....otherwise i could tell you....a key reference would point you to

the toke the ending fore ff 13-2 i was going to buy the game but i did not want it thank you i will look it up


i think my favorite is the one with the phantoms........if those things really existed that would suck......especially the giant bugs the size of freakin 30 story tall buildings........

i have the other one on dvd but the one i mentioned is on my computer........

it is one of the boss in ff 13 my favorite one is ff 7 fore the ps1

both of mine are dvd

oooooh you mean the second form of the manasvin warmech don't you??? i kept healing when the big moves hit.....and i don't really remember the others...........but if its the thing hanging down from the big circular thing thats actually the very first fal-cie you will ever fight....the second one you fight is barthandelus and he shows his face at the end of disc 2 and then he fights you again 2 more times on disc 3 the 2nd time in fang and vanilles village on gran-pulse and then the third as the semi-final boss the 3rd fal-cie you fight is orphan itself.....
barthandelus is hard the first time around when you get to him attack his 4 pauldrons as fast as possible because he will use an ability 2 times that will upgrade his pauldron attacks to the "ra" stage (example: fira blizzara thundara and watera) and then soon he will use it one more time to get the "aga" forms (example firaga thundaga blizzaga....) kill the pauldrons then you will be able to attack him normally but be warned he has the ability ruinga which you can't get until i believe half-way through disc 3....which is also where you get the rest of the eidolons and that includes bahamut......and he also has an attack called thanatosian laughter that will cause his head to open up and reveal a lot of cannons that shot lasers that will bring your health down to critical health but if not it will ko you in one blast.......he also has a move i don't remember the name of but it also does massive damage........and on grandpulse you don't have to kill the pauldrons because the first time you battle him is the only time your able to kill them........the next one he'll have the upgraded attack thanatosian smite which does even more damage so have 2 healers and a synergist preferably hope due to almost all abilities learned and also when you find a cieth stone mission (a tutorial is given in game about it) there will be one called xernera the butcher........when you try to leave the are through a big clearing it will crawl out of the ground to challenge you but he'res the don't battle this cieth boss in place of it the tonberry itself makes its first appearance stabbs the cieth in the foot and kills it in a single shot (wish we could do that -_-) and then the tonberry challenges you to has the only physical attack known as knife........but it also has new tricks will sometimes walk away from you and will look at you with a box saying grudging look and then later it will use its first grudge attack that is called grudge and then the seconed is vengful grudge and the third is deep-seated grudge.......which will kill you instantly because it will hit each person 3-4 times and each single shot takes down 1/4 of your health.....if you survive it will use it again shortly after.......they are not immune to harldy any spells at all so if you taught vanille death use it to kill the tonberry.....but be warned death uses all of your atb's so use it and then wait for the recharge of the blue gauge to use it again........

anyway if its the first fal'cie your stuck at......don't attack it head on...kill the left and right cylinders and then anima will initiate a "cylinder regeneration" while he does this attack him and then the cylinders once revived attack them anima and repeat this until he dies.....heal with potions when needed..........and you'll beat him very easy once anima dies go through all of the water to find the manasvin warmech that lightning "killed" and kill it with the tutorialadvice in-game and then once you arrive at the ruins and come to a cut-scene where vanille wonders off and runs back being chased by a flying creature......this is where your next ice-world boss the garuda interceptor will burst through the corner to attack this is a two phase boss battle the first time you kill it it will get back up then in this phase it will use a new move of pure lightning i call hellfire's bolt because i forget the name.........on disc 2 you find the only other type of this boss called the kalavinka striker who is also thunder based and this one is only one phase.......then after that is the 2nd disc final boss barthandelus......

what game is this you are talking about

final fantasy 13

mine has one disc

ahh sorry.....if its x then bring high defensive armor with you if you have the ability sync for lulu then get 1 mp cost for her and or yyuna.....because then all of their mp attacks cost 1 mp pointeven flare and holy will

thank you my friend

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