I want girls to be the main characters with all the responsibility power and authority.
[lays down and allows tears to leak passively until I drown in them]
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If you haven't played Mass effect, Femshep is a pretty badass commander :)

Play some League of Legends tons of female ADCs and AP carries

dragon age 1 and 2 both allow you to play the main character as either male or female, also the main character for assassins creed liberation is female

Thanks for the suggestions! ^_^/

Dang... Well I can only name Metroid series the first with the woman as the main character..

Twitter hates her so I prolly wouldn't list her

Oh come on she's awesome only one mistake and she's automatically a problem

I know she's awesome but remember other m and the new smash 4 leak with her in a bra and shorts?

She doesn't have that and besides ninja star games do that all the time.. an honest mistake

Yeah I know. I thought other m was pretty good but my friends thought and I quote "Nintendo and Team Ninja ****** our ********. We told them to stop but they wouldn't let up"

Then let them keep going. We all know Metroid is a good game series

I think we're due for a new metroid game so twitter and my friends will stfu

A new game?! That's awesome!

But that's a pipe dream. Hopefully tho.

Yeah I need to see Samus back in action

Omg the most perfect thing ever would be a new metroid game on the 3ds. Holy **** that would be the best thing ever. **** it make remakes for the roster in smash 4!

I know how that feels... I really want the new game thoigh and rumors had it that there's a super Mario sunshine for the Wii U

Omg Nintendo just remake 00-10 that would be perfect. They already have oras.

I love Samus! :3
Would be amazing if there were more games like that!

See adav 218? She agrees and I love it... die hard fan

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