I Do... Well...

I use to play video games, every day, from the time I woke up until bed time. I didn't have any friends, as a kid, the summers were free to do this! And during school days (or skool daze, I like to call it!), as long as I did my homework and made good grades in school, I was allowed to play video games after-school until bedtime. :-)

And as an adult, before I got a job, I had no friends and no purpose... so I would play video games all day and half the night! And now... I still play video games, but not as much. Maybe for five hours, every other day. ;-)

My favorites will always be the Fantasy Fantasy series. Also, Devil May Cry and Xenosaga. Oh, and the Kingdom Hearts and Chrono Trigger/Cross games aren't bad either! :-D

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Mar 8, 2009